Faro|The Old Town

I’ve been to Faro SO many times now flying into Portugal. When I was looking at stuff to do when I went on holiday, I realised I had never really explored and found out what Faro was really like. When I looked into it, I found there was an old town and although I like new and modern buildings, this town looked amazing! Continue reading “Faro|The Old Town”


Here Comes The Sun!!

It’s a bit weird how it is so nearly Summer – and I’m sure that it will slip through my fingers like the rest of the year has gone.

I know, I know – Summer in the UK is not always sunny. (In fact, it’s as far opposite in most cases) But, there is something that gets me hyped up about Summer and that is the Family Time and SUN! I think probably from about August – December we spend the most family time together. In Summer, it is mostly the picnics and barbeques, and Christmas is cuddling up by the fire to watch a movie.

Especially this week, the UK have had so much sunny weather that it is hard to not believe it is not Summer. I wake up in the morning to the sun – and I am going to sleep now with the sun peaking through my window. It’s literally the LIFE! Yesterday I even has to dig through my drawers for the Shorts. Yes, THE SHORTS!

I know this may be a bit weird, but the sun really affects my mood. There is probably a word for that – but I’m not going to look it up (Google was created for a thing!) I wake up at quarter to 7 every morning, but when the sky is fogged up with clouds I feel like turning my alarm off and falling back to sleep. With the sun, I am ready for the day! In class, Sun means I am fully concentrating and happy – and you guessed it, with the clouds I’m not! LOL

What is your favourite thing about Summer? Your new wardrobe, the sun, Family?