Faro|The Old Town

I’ve been to Faro SO many times now flying into Portugal. When I was looking at stuff to do when I went on holiday, I realised I had never really explored and found out what Faro was really like. When I looked into it, I found there was an old town and although I like new and modern buildings, this town looked amazing! Continue reading “Faro|The Old Town”


Cornwall – Day 1 – The Beach Sunset

I have always wanted to go to Cornwall since I was a young boy. I had heard about the Eden Project and all the sights here. So I thought, why not now? Why can’t I just go and experience it – so that’s what I did! I always think going to somewhere different is kind of a new start and a new adventure, it makes me excited every time!

As it was a 6 hour journey, we left early for us (10:10 am!!!!) I feel like whenever you go on the M6 South, it actually feels like you are going on holiday. Also, you don’t get any of those horrible roadworks and there are a lot more services (Always a bonus!) There are so many lovely views from the motorway – and then when we got onto the M5 it just got better! Anyway, enough chatting about roads and more about Cornwall!

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