The Busy London Streets


This was one of my most favourite days I’ve had all year, so far! I like to try and keep away from London and busy Cities like that, but I’ve been before and saw the best landmarks. However, today we got to take our time and properly look and take in all of them. It was so fun, and I have never seen Downing Street or New Scotland Yard and it was really exciting and fun.


But to me, I don’t just think of all of the great things overground. I got really excited to experience the hustle and bustle of the London Underground and was probably one of my favourite parts of the whole day! Another thing that I was surprised about was how friendly People were there. We got stuck in the Underground, and there was someone to help us and tell us how to pay with the card – or when we weren’t sure if we got on the right tube, People would tell us (We did get on the right one anyway!)


Downing Street!!!

My favourite restaurant in the WHOLE WORLD is Zizzi (That’s really hard to spell!) and so my favourite type of food is Italian. We went there for a really nice lunch at the Strand. Then it was time to go for what I had been waiting to do – go and see Motown the Musical! This was a present for my birthday, and we literally sat in the best seats, here is what I could see!


We had our own Bar and Toilets, and I also got a free Programme as part of the present! It was one of the best days I’ve had in a really long time and I am so grateful for all of the People who made sure I could go and have a really fun time!


ULTIMATE Camping Adventure

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Yeah, by the title you kind of have a gist already about this AMAZING experience that I had a couple of weeks ago, but I thought I would have a go at writing it down on Paper (Or Screen In This Case!!!) It’s certainly a trip to remember and would never want any of the memories to die away!

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Walks In Tatton

Tatton Park to me is my happy place. I have so many amazing memories there from when I was a little baby to now – and I still go there all the time. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it so much, just when I hear we are going there, I get all excited and happy. It may be all the great garden and forest areas, the great playing area or the fantastic Cafe where you can sit outside on a nice day. It is a perfect day out, especially with Kids!

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Shrewsbury Day Out

I always love going out to new places, especially when I know nothing about it. Shrewsbury for me was one of those places, and the only thing I knew was that there were A LOT of Shops (And I mean A LOT!) I am starting to get into shopping more and more, and since of course I needed more stationary and some new clothes – I couldn’t think of a better time to go!

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Here Comes The Sun!!

It’s a bit weird how it is so nearly Summer – and I’m sure that it will slip through my fingers like the rest of the year has gone.

I know, I know – Summer in the UK is not always sunny. (In fact, it’s as far opposite in most cases) But, there is something that gets me hyped up about Summer and that is the Family Time and SUN! I think probably from about August – December we spend the most family time together. In Summer, it is mostly the picnics and barbeques, and Christmas is cuddling up by the fire to watch a movie.

Especially this week, the UK have had so much sunny weather that it is hard to not believe it is not Summer. I wake up in the morning to the sun – and I am going to sleep now with the sun peaking through my window. It’s literally the LIFE! Yesterday I even has to dig through my drawers for the Shorts. Yes, THE SHORTS!

I know this may be a bit weird, but the sun really affects my mood. There is probably a word for that – but I’m not going to look it up (Google was created for a thing!) I wake up at quarter to 7 every morning, but when the sky is fogged up with clouds I feel like turning my alarm off and falling back to sleep. With the sun, I am ready for the day! In class, Sun means I am fully concentrating and happy – and you guessed it, with the clouds I’m not! LOL

What is your favourite thing about Summer? Your new wardrobe, the sun, Family?