Shrewsbury Day Out

I always love going out to new places, especially when I know nothing about it. Shrewsbury for me was one of those places, and the only thing I knew was that there were A LOT of Shops (And I mean A LOT!) I am starting to get into shopping more and more, and since of course I needed more stationary and some new clothes – I couldn’t think of a better time to go!

There were loads and loads of restaurants in the town. From Thai to Italian, to just pubs, you could find anything you wanted there. I am quite a fussy eater and don’t like to venture out – so we spent quite a long time looking for a suitable place to eat. We finally stumbled across my new favourite – Zizzi! Zizzi is an Italian restaurant that sells anything from Pasta to Pizza – all across the Italian Country. I just didn’t want my pizza to end, and am really sad I don’t live anywhere near one! (At least it is a treat when we go)


Shrewsbury, in general, was a really fun day and would really like to go back and see a full day of shops and lots of food! It has such a warm atmosphere and would recommend anyone to walk into any of the THREE shopping centres there. (You’ll find something you like – trust me!!) Where is your favourite place to go shopping near where you live?



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