I’m In Love With Cornwall!

I know I have posted quite a lot recently about Cornwall, but I haven’t actually posted about general Cornwall. Cornwall was such an amazing place for me and made me feel a different way about nature and fantastic landscapes. There were so many amazing views to be seen there and so much to do it was hard to fit it all in!

A Tea Room right by the river.

Part of the reason that I may feel so in love with Cornwall is because there are so many narrow streets and colourful houses. Even sometimes there are cobbled streets and it is one of the most wonderful feelings – it takes your mind off everything.

Another reason why I like it so much is that it is all very social. We went in a little cafe for breakfast for the first day, and people came in and they all knew each other. They knew everyone’s names and were having very good conversations. Even though I wasn’t in them, it made me very happy seeing everyone know everyone else and I wish everyone was like that where I live!

A Wall Post Box

Finally I think I love Cornwall is there are so many things to do. I know it may sound crazy but there is the Eden Project, all the beaches, Restaurants, Cafes – just about anything you can think of! I wish we had all of that where I live!


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