Cornwall – Day 1 – The Beach Sunset

I have always wanted to go to Cornwall since I was a young boy. I had heard about the Eden Project and all the sights here. So I thought, why not now? Why can’t I just go and experience it – so that’s what I did! I always think going to somewhere different is kind of a new start and a new adventure, it makes me excited every time!

As it was a 6 hour journey, we left early for us (10:10 am!!!!) I feel like whenever you go on the M6 South, it actually feels like you are going on holiday. Also, you don’t get any of those horrible roadworks and there are a lot more services (Always a bonus!) There are so many lovely views from the motorway – and then when we got onto the M5 it just got better! Anyway, enough chatting about roads and more about Cornwall!

Before I get to when we arrived, I think I should tell you a few things you should do in the car. I always need something to do on a long journey as I get very bad travel sickness and I feel if I am doing something it helps. Things I usually do:

  • Listen To Music
  • Eat Snacks
  • Play with Snapchat filters!
  • Check your social media
  • Text your friends
  • Play games that don’t need any equipment (Multiply the first two numbers on a number plate etc.)

When we finally got there, we dropped off our bags in our wonderful cottage and then headed out to explore the surroundings. We headed to a place called Boscastle. Boscastle was beautiful and was where all the photos were taken. It was a bit different as you were looking down on the beach. You then had a chance to either go to the beach or to keep going up further and see the second part of the beach.


There are no words to describe the view we walked into on that beach. With the sun going down and the cliffs in silhouette, I sat on the bench and took in the feeling. The smell of the sea was enough to take me away, never mind the waves crashing at the sides and the actual colour of it! I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild – that’s what I do best!

To end off the night we went to a nice restaurant. I got Sasuage and Mash and it was the best! The restaurant was called The Cornishman’s Inn. It was very nice!


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